Some of the amazing testimonials from my clients and those that I have helped over the years!

Paul C

I want to thank you personally for helping me out. I was broken down and losing hope before you reached out to me. Having been in the Military IT side for 20 years, some part of me just really thought I had to start with entry-level positions upon retiring from the Navy. The talk we had leading up to me doing your CPF Breaking into Cybersecurity Master Course was a breath of fresh air. You really understood why I didn’t want to pursue Executive roles and how my passion was aligned with hands-on. At first, I was a little worried about taking the course, having gone through several transition classes and resources. I can testify that your Coaching works! There isn’t a lot out there for those simply focused on one career area, and how you compiled years of experience in the civilian sector to share is phenomenal. I have already suggested to a few others transitioning and looking for a Cyber role. Thank you again from this humble practitioner!

Charles K

Anyone considering a career in cybersecurity ought to first take this masterclass. Chris provides is not just necessary information for your decision making; He offers you an honest and methodical way of looking at how to make a successful career in cybersecurity. I wholeheartedly recommend this masterclass to anyone desiring or planning to break into cybersecurity. How I wish I had access to a course like this before I started my journey in cybersecurity. There are nuggets that you won’t get from a certification. Nuggets that are so essential to helping anyone avoid making so many mistakes while pursuing that first job. I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone seeking to enter this field to take this masterclass and gather some wise tips for the journey ahead!

Alex B

Christophe (Chris) Foulon brings tremendous value and leadership in the cybersecurity field. With great expertise and knowledge, he constantly gives back to the community and opens opportunities for many. He’s accessible, and know-how to translate cybersecurity challenges into real-life wording and business language as well. He’s been opening the door for me to tremendous connections and opportunities that allowed me to start my growth in the cybersecurity community as well. Chris has strong business expertise and years of cybersecurity challenges under the belt, and yet, he is sparing time to support the ones who wish to enter the field. If you want to get real insight, from real experience in our field, Chris is the go-to person.

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