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Welcome to CPF Coaching LLC, your prime choice for mentoring cybersecurity leaders and guiding budding startups.
Designed both for cybersecurity leaders aiming for higher achievements and startups looking for solid footing in the industry, our dual services cater to those with the ambition to make a difference in the intricate world of cybersecurity.
Through a customized strategy, we unveil your distinct capabilities and assist startups in realizing their vision. We're dedicated to setting and achieving concrete goals, ensuring your success and growth in the cybersecurity domain.
Drawing from over 15 years of profound industry expertise, CPF Coaching LLC is passionate about developing today's cybersecurity leaders and startups for a more resilient and secure future.


Tailored coaching focused on each client.

    CPF Coaching LLC provides an extensive suite of services, diligently curated to address the distinct needs of rising cybersecurity leaders and emerging startups. Dive into our multifaceted offerings:
    Customized Leadership Coaching for Cybersecurity: Tailored sessions to delve into the aspirations of cybersecurity leaders, formulating actionable roadmaps for their realization.
    Objective Setting for Leaders and Startups: Assistance drafting precise and achievable milestones for individual career trajectories and startup growth.
    Unique Value Proposition Workshops: Joint sessions to spotlight the distinct strengths of leaders and startups, with strategies to position these assets appealingly to stakeholders or investors.
    Strategic Advisory for Career and Business Growth: Equip cybersecurity professionals and startups with a strategic blueprint and solid backing for their respective journeys in the cybersecurity sphere.
    Flexible Advisory Modules: Versatile packages spanning 3 or 6 months, including email consultations, encrypted messaging via Signal, and dedicated discussions.
    Hourly Guidance Sessions: Opt for hourly sessions that address pressing issues or immediate consultative needs.
    Preparation for Pitches and Interviews: Dedicated sessions to refine startup pitches or to bolster a leader's confidence and readiness for job interviews.
    Brand & Digital Presence Enhancement: Expert recommendations on refining your startup's or personal digital presence, including social media optimization and impactful resume crafting in the cybersecurity domain.
    Continual Growth and Skill Augmentation: Engage with a dynamic learning community. Reap the benefits of resources such as Readitfor.me book abstracts and targeted MicroCourses to ensure sustained learning and expertise enhancement.
    Eager to elevate your cybersecurity leadership or startup journey? Schedule your strategic session today.

    CPF Coaching LLC

Why CPF Coaching LLC?

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Jessica A, USA

Speaking to Christophe was one of the best things I could have done to get on the right path to meet my professional goals. He helped me set some tangible goals and actions I can take and helped me figure out some strategies I can take while job hunting through a career change. Thank you, Christophe!

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Aaron L, USA

Looking to understand the inner workings of enterprise, and move ahead in your career Christophe Foulon is offering a chance to understand what is needed, wanted, and the ways to accomplish your goals.

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Alex B, Canada

If you want to get real insight from real experience in our field, Chris is the go-to person

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Paul C, USA

Great talking with Christophe. He really came in and wrapped thing up in a pretty bow for me. It is true, I have been stuck on this path of pursuing entry level positions. Thank you for putting it in perspective that there are other cyber positions I am a match for and where my hands on leadership approach will combine nicely.

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Lundon L, US

They devoted their time to offer me invaluable guidance and a clear roadmap to help me achieve my career goals. The insight Christophe Foulon provided has had a profound and lasting impact on my daily efforts as I continue to work towards those aspirations. While there is still much progress to be made since our initial conversation, I am confident that the knowledge I gained will serve as an enduring foundation. I believe this kind of coaching could be immensely beneficial to others seeking direction and additional support in their own career journeys.

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Rafael N, US

Within the first few minutes of speaking with Chris, you realize how genuine he is when it comes to helping others and advocating for cybersecurity

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Chris Foulon

About Me

Meet Chris Foulon - Your Dedicated Cybersecurity Leadership Coach
Passionate about empowering others and fostering cybersecurity leaders, I have dedicated more than 15 years to information security. As an experienced Information Security Manager, Adjunct Professor, and Cybersecurity Strategist, I have honed a deep understanding of the industry, its risks, and the required leadership traits to navigate this complex landscape.
Throughout my career, I have led large teams across multiple locations and have always believed in people's power. My love for customer service, process improvement, and information security drives me to uncover and cultivate the talents in each individual I coach.
My approach to coaching is founded on the principle of shining a light on the value of others so they can see it in themselves. I focus on helping businesses tackle their cybersecurity risks with minimal friction, enabling increased resilience, and securing people and processes with a strong understanding of the involved technology.
Having trained hundreds of professionals, my greatest joy is witnessing their journeys from where they were to where they desired to be. The hard work, dedication, and resilience always come from them; I am merely a guide helping them overcome obstacles, set practical goals, and work towards fulfilling their dreams.
Beyond coaching, I've co-authored books such as 'Developing Your Cybersecurity Career Path' and 'Hack the Cybersecurity Interview,' both of which were recognized by industry peers. I've also contributed to 'Understand, Manage, and Measure Cyber Risk' by Ryan Leirvik.
You can learn more about my career journey and achievements on my LinkedIn profile. Let's together unlock the door to your cybersecurity career progression and success.

For more information check out my
Linkedin profile.


    CPF Coaching LLC

    Unsure about how to optimize your startup or leadership career? We're here to help. Get in touch today.

    CPF Coaching LLC

    Maxwell Team Certified Coach

    Maxwell Team Certified Coach

    Maxwell Team Certified Coach

    Do you feel that you have capped out in your role but are still determining what you need to do for your next steps?
    Are you ready to grow to the next level of your career from individual contributor to manager, manager to director, or above and need help with developing your strategy?
    Do you need help in your career and are looking for a sherpa to help guide you along the way?
    This is where my coaching services come into play. I strive to shine a light on the value of others so they can see it in themselves.
    I help coach those looking to level up their career while transitioning or growing into cybersecurity.
    I help them achieve that by highlighting their passions, transferable skills, and the value they bring to the particular role that they are aiming to get.
    I provide a tailored cybersecurity performance-based coaching program focused on each client's needs and delivering results.
    Available packages in 3 or 6 months: introductory packages of Coaching Emails, Signal Messaging & Scheduled Calls
    If you are interested in a long-term coaching agreement, complete this participant profile, submit it via email, and book a free 30-minute Welcome Session to discuss. We will introduce you to coaching in this introductory session and have your first complimentary session.

    Complete Client Intake Form and email us.
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    Enabling Continuous Learning and Development with My Clients

    Access to a learning and development community for life!

    • Content: Readitfor.me, the #1 book summary service for executives and entrepreneurs (regularly $299/year), and MicroCourses, the #1 leadership and soft skill training program for executives and entrepreneurs (regularly $499/year)

    • Community: a monthly MasterMind call where we help each other keep up with the changing business challenges (regularly $400)

    • Coaching: if you have an issue I can help solve, a coaching session with me about developing your cybersecurity leadership career. (regularly $600 /per session)

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    Fireside Chat on Cybersecurity Careers

    If you had questions about Breaking into Cybersecurity or Advancing your Cybersecurity Career, this a preview of my coaching approach.

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