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Continuous education is the key to staying current in cybersecurity, especially as the field is every growing and evolving.

There are new technologies being developed everyday, and while it might be a challenge to learn about everything, you should at least on a regular basis. Learn about a new cybersecurity domain, while continuing the education of your preferred cybersecurity domain. This will allow you to continually grow in the space.

The more I learn about the ever-changing landscape of information security, the more I want to learn more for myself and ensure that I can share this knowledge with others as well. On a regular basis, I see requests for where to get the latest security news, trends, events and updates, so I have compiled my lists of my favorite sites.

For me, I use that allows me to combine all these rss and postings into one page that I can scan for noteworthy events. I also like to share interesting articles on my LinkedIn Profile and Twitter (@chris_foulon), so follow me if you are interested.

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