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Continuous education is the key to staying current in cybersecurity, especially as the field is every growing and evolving.

There are new technologies being developed everyday, and while it might be a challenge to learn about everything, you should at least on a regular basis. Learn about a new cybersecurity domain, while continuing the education of your preferred cybersecurity domain. This will allow you to continually grow in the space.

Passion for cybersecurity is important, but continuous learning will only help to fuel that passion. However, when commuting times are long, sometimes that downtime is not conducive to reading books or articles, so I try to make that time as productive as possible by listening to audio-books and podcasts. I will cover the topics of books or my preference for audio books in a separate article.

Here are some of my favorite podcasts that help fuel my passion for cybersecurity, while the list is long, it is definitely not complete or definitive. Feel free to comments with your own suggestions for others looking for ideas and ways to grow their passion.

In no particular order, and they can be found where most podcasts are found

Breaking into Cybersecurity
* Podcast:
* YouTube:

Afternoon Cyber Tea

Beers with Talos

Brakeing Down Incident Response

Brakeing Down Security

BlackHills Information Security

Business of Security

Cisco TAC Security…/security/security_tac_podcasts.html

CISO/Security Vendor Relationship – Podcast

CISO/Security Vendor Relationship – Defense in Depth

Cyber (Motherboard/Vice)

CyberHub Engage

Cyber LIfe

Cyber Ranch Podcast

Cyber Risk Management

Cyber Security Interviews

Cyber Security Weekly

Cybersecurity Effectiveness

Cybersecurity Innovation Podcast

Cyber Speak (Infosec Institute)

Cyber Tales

Cyber Work

Darknet Diaries

Defensive Security

DevSecOps Days


Dirty Security

Dissecting Popular IT Nerds

Down the Security Rabbithole

Eye on Security

Getting Into Infosec

Global Cyber Security Insight

Goodbye Privacy

Hacked: Into the mind of Cybersecurity Leader

Hacker Valley Studio

Human Factor

Humans of InfoSec

ISC Daily Stormcast

ITSP Magazine

InSecurity / Dirty Security (Cyclance)

ISACA Podcast



Malicious Life

National Cyber Security by Gregory Evans

New Cyber Frontier

Open Source Security Podcast

Purple Squad Security

Paul’s Security Weekly

Peerlyst Peertalks Podcast

Pwned: The Information Security Podcast

Recorded Future



Salted Hash


Section 9

Security All in (CyberReason)

Security Insider

Security Intelligence

Security Now!

Security Wise Tech

Security Voices

SMB Cybercast

Smashing Security

Social Engineering Podcast

Southern Fried Security Podcast

Task Force 7 Cyber Security Radio

Techmeme Ride Home

Tenable Network Security

TrustedSec Security Podcast

The CISO Minute

The CyberGuide

The Cybersecurity Podcast

The Cyberwire
The Cyberwire – Caveat

The Deep Dive Radio Show and Nick’s Nerd News

The New CISO

The New Realities of Cyber Security

The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show

The Zero Hour Podcast

To The Point – Cybersecurity

TrustedSec Security Podcast

UnSecurity Podcast

Additional podcasts of interest:

Buzz Off with LawyerLiz

Follow your Difference

Eventual Millionaire –

Grumpy Old Geeks

Intelligence Matters


Lochhead on Marketing

Manager Tools

TedTalks Daily

The Work Force Show

Twenty Thousand Hertz

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