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Collection of Cybersecurity learning platforms

Continuous education is the key to staying current in cybersecurity, especially as the field is every growing and evolving.

There are new technologies being developed everyday, and while it might be a challenge to learn about everything, you should at least on a regular basis. Learn about a new cybersecurity domain, while continuing the education of your preferred cybersecurity domain. This will allow you to continually grow in the space.

Here I share some resources, while some are free, while others have a cost associated with them.

Check out the custom courses from

Video Learning platforms



Online learning platforms (Most of them are free)




MIT OpenCourseware




Khan Academy


Other types of learning platforms, testing platforms and CTFs

Reddit CTF

Practice CTF List / Permanant CTF List

15 Vulnerable Sites To (Legally) Practice Your Hacking Skills

Pentest Tools


Conferences and networking events from your local chapters of:

SANS, BlackHat, RSA, Gartner, etc







Or local Meetups

Marketing and Growth

There is a lot to be learned from marketing in the way to approach customers and how to think about solving their problems.

Perfect Webinar – The guide building an effective webinar for teaching and connecting with your target audience

OneFunnelAway Challenge – This is like a Masters of Marketing condensed into a simple 30 day challenge Preview – You will want to see this

Two Comma Club Live – Live series learning from the best marketers out there

Funnel Hacking Webinar – How to tailor your message to drive customer adoption and uptake

Free Bonus 5 Day Lead Challenge – Just for you since you made it this far, a free 5 day challenge course which includes ways to effectively market to your target audience to grow you client base

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