Christophe Foulon

Cyber Risk Strategist & Consultant | vCISO | Cybersecurity Focused Career Coach | Podcaster | Adjunct Professor | Dad | Fitness Enthusiast

I strive to shine a light on the value of others so they can see it in themselves.
Let me get you to the next stage of your career through performance career coaching.

I have 15+ years as an experienced Information Security Manager, Adjunct Professor, and Cybersecurity Strategist with a passion for customer service, process improvement, and information security. Managing teams of over 30+ people across multiple locations and have been a people leader for over 10+ years.

I am very passionate about finding out what drives people and then developing a path that helps optimize their performance, skills, and competencies, both for the business and their career.

I have trained hundreds of people to go from where they were to where they wanted to be. They were the ones to put in all the hard work. I had the amazing pleasure of coaching and guiding them along the wayhelping them overcome obstacles, setting practical goals, and working towards accomplishing their dreams.

I want to welcome all of you who are in the Cybersecurity field or even those who are exploring the Cybersecurity world. This is an exciting industry, and I would love to help you achieve your goals! If you are ready, I can be your guide and help you along your way to becoming a Cybersecurity professional!

Outside of being a security practitioner focused on helping businesses tackle their cybersecurity risks while minimizing friction resulting in increased resiliency and helping to secure people and processes with a solid understanding of the technology involved. I have significant experience in optimizing the use of technology while balancing the implications to people, processes, and information security by using a consultative adaptive risk-based approach. Experienced in requirements gathering, analysis, and consultation for secure digital business transformation and minimizing cyber risks using cloud service providers.

I focus on helping my network through my coaching business https://CPF-coaching.com that focuses on helping mid to senior career candidates who are looking to transition into cybersecurity over or leveling up in their cybersecurity careers. I help them focus on their target ğŸŽ¯ areas and grow.

I strive to shine a light on the value of others so they can see it in themselves. Through Cybersecurity focused career coaching, I help professionals who are looking to level up their cybersecurity careers, to achieve amazing results, and complete their larger goals.

I give back by producing a podcast focused on helping people who are trying “Breaking into Cybersecurity” by sharing the stories of those who have done it in the past 5 years to inspire those looking to do it now. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/BreakingIntoCybersecurity

My co-authors Gary Hayslip, Renee Small, and I also published a book called “Develop Your Cybersecurity Career Path: How to Break into Cybersecurity at Any Level”  to help those who are considering a career in cybersecurity. Whether you are just starting and are looking for an entry-level position or want to translate many years of experience to the right level, this book will provide proven, practical steps, guiding you from self-assessment through the search and interview and completing your journey to a career in cybersecurity.


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